I’m aware that the main reason why you are on this page is to figure out how keywords are youtube SEO right? Well, no more worries you are on the right page. I’m going to provide you with all the information you need to know in this short article. 

You spend hours recording videos for your YouTube channel and making a lot of hard work to ensure perfection and accuracy.

You have spent a lot of money on your video writer and video editor.

The end result of the video is very good and interesting.

And I’m sure you are aware YouTube viewers will love it.

Excitedly, you post your video on your channel waiting for YouTube viewers to watch your video.

However, nobody seems to be aware of your new video.

What happened?

Why don’t people find your videos, and not subscribe to your channel?

The answer to this question is very simple: You’re missing out on YouTube SEO which is keyword research.

A keyword is youtube SEO introduction continues below;

You’ve heard all about the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) to your website, but it shouldn’t stop there. As a digital retailer, the Tuna Traffic team works to find different ways to drive traffic to our customers’ websites and display them in the top search results. As video marketing has evolved, I decided to give you some quick tips on how to optimize your current or future YouTube videos for SEO using Keyword research.

Why is keyword research important on YouTube SEO?

Visual images are more powerful than text and are often preferred. A lot of people learn better through observation which is visual. YouTube is a more effective way to get your message across to viewers and maximize engagement. It also offers higher information retention.

Videos can add fun, entertainment, and variety to your content. Many YouTube channels make a lot of money. Ranking on YouTube can bring a lot of good things, and keyword research is a great way to start YouTube SEO. 

Video marketing has become very competitive. You need a proper YouTube keyword research strategy that will help you rank your videos on YouTube and increase your revenue. 

Keyword research can help cut costs and reach your audience faster. The right keywords connect videos to the right audience and produce great results.

How to perform Keywords research on YouTube for SEO

Here, I will briefly highlight a few ways to conduct the YouTube keywords research for SEO 

1. YouTube autocomplete

YouTube’s autocompleted feature works the same as Google’s search bar and Google’s autocomplete.

Enter a word in the YouTube search bar and YouTube will suggest popular keywords. Autocomplete results are displayed.

YouTube keywords offered by Autocomplete is very important and helpful if you can’t avoid paid tools

They are popular keywords and can bring you good traffic. YouTube shows it for the simple reason that people search for this term on YouTube.

2.  Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

It is one of the most popular keyword research tools on YouTube which is used to narrow down and get highly relevant keywords. Ahref is based on clickstream data and can provide information about clicks, local search volume, global search volume, and more.

The tool is very simple, just select YouTube as your search engine and enter your keywords to get a list of keyword suggestions.

As you can see, you will find out how many people searched for that keyword and how many clicks the keyword received in a month.

3. YouTube Analytics

This is an often overlooked but powerful source of high-profile YouTube keywords, and the bonus is that most of them are underutilized. YouTube analytics shows you the exact keywords your viewers are using to reach your videos. If you utilize this tool very well you will get good traffic on your channel.

Wrapping up Keywords are youtube SEO

The best way for you to get tons of views and subscribers on your YouTube channel is to follow the steps outlined above for the proper way to conduct keyword research on YouTube for SEO. Keyword research will give ideas about what people are searching for, and by writing what people are looking for you will surely get views on your video.

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