Competitive intelligence is a term used to describe the readiness of a company to compete. The formula behind it is straightforward. You take time to look at your market and the environment. The idea is to make sure you get all details you need about firms competing with you. You also gather information about your chief competitors. All this is there to make sure that you remain relevant on the market. In other words, your organization should be able to compete favorably. This means that you can only compete well if you use updated principles of competition for your niche.

Strengthening the foundation of competitive intelligence

With competitive intelligence, you need to know where to start from. This way, you will avoid making mistakes that others have made in the past. The starting point is gathering every detail you can manage about your business environment. In this case, we are referring to your trading portfolio. You can also collect more information about how your competitors remain afloat. But most importantly, you have to get information about the market forces and best practices. In the end, you are putting together tools that will help you to get a more significant share of the market.

The beauty of competitive intelligence is that it goes beyond looking at competitors. In the past, you have been used to the saying which reminds you about knowing your competitors. But this time, the factor digs far more profound than that. It takes on a holistic approach to ensure that an organization remains relevant. It moves straight into the meat of any business. The clients who make your business. Its aim is to understand how clients respond to the environment created by the business. This way, you take time to respect each factor and give it due attention.

This is not a uniform factor for organizations

When you look at the way competitive intelligence works, you will find one fact. It is not possible for every business to apply the same approaches. The nature of your organization means that you can tailor it to your business and make it work for you.

Having underscored that, we also need to know that competitive intelligence has levels. There is what is known as tactical competitive intelligence. This one takes its time to focus on the nature of a business. It takes advantage of the factors that increase sales and raise product awareness. That is why a tactical approach works well in the short term.

But there is also the analytical level. From the word ‘analysis’, you can understand that this does not just involve a few factors. It needs to look at bigger risks that a business has to confront in the long run. This equally brings in realistic projects to make sure that you have a clear view of the future. This level is applicable when you are dealing with long-term factors.

How is information is gathered about competitive intelligence?

This is an important aspect that needs careful attention. The most obvious source of information about competitive intelligence is the internet. It has details presented in various formats and is easy to access depending on what you are focusing on. But one fact about the internet is that it is easily accessible to anyone who has a connection and the gadgets to do it. That leaves an open window and does not work well with this aspect.

In reality, the bigger chunk of useful data does not come from such an obvious source as the internet. You need to be open-minded and dig much deeper with some creativity. For example, you can decide to check the public records filed away in the archives. Here you will find useful details that others may not even be paying attention to. At the same time, you can also turn to the print media. In this case, you are going to find investigative journalists who have done the groundwork for you.

When you need credible sources of data, you can also turn to seasoned experts in the field. These will give you an in-depth analysis of the data you are looking for. In fact, they even have it handy. You do not need to scratch for it. To meet such people, you can take time to attend webinars and conferences. Once again, this is another credible source for the date you need.

When you look at the sources of credible data, one thing stands out. You need to spend some money to access this data. Cheap sources of data such as the internet do not belong to competitive intelligence. There you can only find very basic details that you will not even manage to use at the end of the day.

How important is Competitive intelligence?

As noted in the foregoing, this is the backbone of business success. If you abandon this aspect and go to sleep, then you cannot manage to score. In no time, you will easily find yourself out of business. With competitive intelligence, you come to discover that, technology is vital. It can drop in a game-changer when you least expect it.

That is why, in some countries like the US, there are organizations that address this aspect. Such organizations have been on the scene for some time. Its mission is to help businesses get a grip on their competitiveness. They are also a credible source of data for competitive intelligence. As time continues, many more countries will come on board and form such organizations.


It is clear that competitive intelligence is not a common name among many businesses. But they are swiftly waking up to realize its impact and importance in their businesses. That is why many say that you can only make a business run when you know what you are up against. Competitive intelligence is there to help organizations improve their competitive ranking. This means that they also come to see the importance of paying attention to every detail on the market scene. There is no way you can get the best data when you decide to use cheap sources of data. You need to spend some money to get useful and credible data.

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