Pixie is a data structure of discovery applications that rely on blue-ribbon recommendations. It aims to develop a method of substantial recommendation at an SOS responsive rate. Pixie is a real-time recommender network that chooses from 200 billion pins related to your search. Pixies algorithm shows high user engagement by 50%. Every second it employs 1,200 recommendation requests.

When sharing your YouTube video on Pinterest, its algorithm circulates your Pinterest video pin to your audience. The more interactions you receive, the more it impacts your YouTube SEO. Also, it’s a remarkable way to drive a pool of traffic to your video. It uses leading-edge learning algorithms for pinning, recommendations, and relevant content.

It gives top placement to Pinterest videos in its visual search. Whenever you search for a topic of interest, the first to appear is a Pinterest video. Users like to watch storytelling and how-to videos. Since Pinterest prioritizes video, it’s vitally important for YouTube SEO. Pinterest is a valuable asset for YouTube videos. Therefore, it powers a considerable number of user interactions to your linked video.

Pinterest leverages discovery in its internal search through resources that propel your video pins.

Unlike other social networks that have to continuously post, a Pinterest pin works for months.

Pinterest has a viral nature

Pinterest tactics and techniques are the future of video link-building

Pinterest is a take on visual social bookmarks and a portfolio of ideas, images, and inspiration. This catalog of backlinks is a crucial factor of Google’s and YouTube’s algorithms. Also, it’s considered a recommendation for linking back to a substantial amount of information feedback.

Furthermore, image link-building presents your audience with gripping content and earns you more inbound links. If you’re not using visuals in your campaign, you might want to take stock of that idea. Also, content-related backlinks perform better in search engines.


Product/Service Photos

Business Logos


Graphs, etc

 The network beast allows you to build your YouTube SEO community and characterize your target audience. The Lady Gaga of social media drives more referral traffic than YouTube, Tumblr, and Linkedin. A Pinterest pin has a 100 x wider reach than an average tweet.

Social Media backlinks are the defining component that increases your YouTube SEO score and search ranking. Moreover, it showcases the popularity of your content and builds a solid reputation for your business.

Make your video go viral

Increase traffic

Create user interactions

Build brand awareness

Boost online presence, etc.

Social bookmarking backlinks help boost your brand authority and promote diversity. You can’t afford to ignore it as a YouTube SEO resource. Evey Pin is indexed by Google and recognized as an authoritative backlink. Furthermore, each repin counts as an additional backlink to increase your SERP position. Social links are one of the most powerful and effective YouTube SEO techniques. Also, You want more than the average amount of social bookmarks. More so, they provide information through social activity on social networks.

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