Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia of multi-languages that’s without cost to the internet community. With 18 billion page views a month and 1.7 billion unique monthly users. Wikipedia is the most read source of information in history. Also, with 6.3 million articles on the authority site, it gives you an opportunity. More so, to get a golden backlink on Wikipedia and drive a pool of traffic to boost your YouTube SEO.


Wikipedia SEO is the process of seeking pages that need dead link replacement. Moreover, with an updated URL that links back to your website. Wikipedia SEO is about building your link profile.

This is complete by creating new and unique content or recreating content on the page you want to replace the link.

Even though many say Wikipedia has a strict editorial policy, it can’t keep up with millions of pages. Wikipedia is consistently evolving and leaving a long path of broken links and content. Where you can replace the subject matter with quality content and a powerful one-way contextual backlink. If done accordingly, you can have a high success rate in earning backlinks on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia SEO is the process of seeking relevant pages that need a dead link replaced with an updated URL. Wikipedia SEO is about building your link profile.

When the link is no longer active and clickable. Therefore, it doesn’t take you to the target website and needs to be corrected.


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March 11, 2022